What is micro calligraphy? Calligraphy, writing, that is very small, micro. Using this tiny lettering, Ellen creates her flowing designs. The final creation is a picture completed entirely with words. This art style is also known as micrography. Ellen chose the term “micro calligraphy” to express her exacting work: tiny letters and words blending together to form the designs and figures on her paper. Micrography started in the 9th century by Masoratim – Traditionalists, as they kept track of the words they were working on while compiling the first Jewish Concordoncia. Throughout the centuries, this art form has developed from geometrical shapes to what you see today. Ellen dips her fine tipped calligraphy pen into a spectrum of water color paints and writes, patiently spending anywhere from one month to a year, creating each original piece.

Appreciating the uniqueness of Ellen’s work, we see how she uses the full spectrum of color for each letter and word, as compared to other artists who’s work is written in black ink – sometimes in sections of watercolor paintings. Ellen also uses gematria, or, Jewish numerology in her designs. In Hebrew each letter of the alphabet possesses numerical value: the first letter Aleph equals 1, Bet equals 2, etc…. Ellen uses Gematria to calculate the numerical equivalence of letters, words, or phrases written in her artwork. She also uses gematria to determine how many times she will write the text for a specific piece. This intertwining of words and Jewish numerology adds deep spirituality to each of these particular pictures. Creating a composition with gematria is a unique trait of Ellen’s art work and something she has yet to see from any other micrography artist.