I am so blessed with Ellen’s gift to us. I am from Russia and grew up in America, so Hebrew is a language that I have not grown up with. But I have always had love and fear for HaShem, and His words are so important to me that it is a language which is highly important for me to learn. Every letter is like a word, and every word is like a picture. And it is the language that the Creator wrote His instructions in. Ellen’s artwork brings the language to life, and I am able to understand it much more. The pictures help demonstrate that God and His words are in everything. Thanks Ellen and blessed be HaShem

I wanted to let you know, yesterday, I received your package in the mail. I was able to give the pictures you sent to Anne and I received your card.

Thank you for passing this along to each of us, it was very much appreciated and very kind, you truly are an artist!

Nadiya K
Washington State, USA