A giclee (zhee-clay) is an individually produced, high resolution, high fidelity, limited fine art reproduction created on a special, large format printer. The virtually continuous tone of this process gives the giclee a range or gamut, and control of color that exceeds far beyond that of a lithograph and other printing processes, giving each piece amazingly vibrant color with greater and crisper details. Although giclee are referred to as “modern day lithographs,” they clearly reach beyond this artistic level, creating fine art reproductions that are coveted by collectors for their fidelity and quality.

Giclee means “to spray” in French. The individual inks are slowly sprayed onto the paper. Created is a fine art reproduction of amazingly vibrant colors. Ellen uses 100% cotton fine art textured paper for these gallery quality pieces. Both paper and inks are archival quality, known to last 200 years or longer. Each of Ellen Braun’s giclee fine art reproductions is a limited number, signed edition, whose value, with time, G-d willing, will appreciate. The available reproductions number between 50-250 depending on the piece.